La Nueva Vida Archives

La Nueva Vida archives 3 women's encounters with illness, the medical-industrial complex and dying. Documents include selections from Vida's available medical records following a diagnosis of cancer (2003-2004); Gita's private and public written communication from the time she was informed of her sister's illness to shortly past Vida's death (2004-2005); and Gita's selections of writing by Gamba Adisa (Audre Lorde) from her 1984 The Cancer Journals.

The archives are compiled in 3 interconnected and thematically organized blogs during November and December 2007.

The project also includes a live community blog intended as a space for collective reflection on illness and mortality, notions of treatment and care, and the industrialization of disease and death. To post to this blog, please contact nuevavidaproject [at] gmail [dot] com.

Collected and performed as a ritual of remembrance, _la nueva vida_ is an intimate reflection on the poetics and politics of illness, care-giving, dying and grief; and, inevitably, an interrogation in the dehumanizing practices of the medical-industrial complex.

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Launched as work-in-progress at Arte Nuevo InteractivA '07, June 15 - July 15, 2007, Merida, Mexico. Current version released in October, 2007, launched as part of Java Museum's [art + blog =blogart?], November 2007.

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